Nowadays it is possible to find, in the international tyre market, large sets of specialized industrial tyres for numerous vehicles working in the field worldwide.

Industrial tyres are able to meet different industrial vehicles in the most efficient way possible, even if they operate in extreme and severe conditions, thanks to a high expertise and years of dedicated research.

If you are looking for maximum reliability, exceptional performance and safety over time, an international company industrial tyres is the most convenient choice: thanks to highly developed and global know-how, it can claim the most advanced technologies available on the market, ensuring the best quality and productivity.

Ecomega industrial tyres offer a wide range of models for industrial applications: bias or solid rubber, both options can satisfy any kind of request. Puncture free, maximum traction, low rolling resistance, long working life and elasticity are just some of the many features of Ecomega proposal.

Industrial tyres are always tested before reaching the market, in order to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Innovative tread and patterns

When looking for different industrial tyres for a vehicle fleet, it is also important to choose a wide and varied offer, as it is now possible to choose among numerous patterns and tread design. You don’t have to fit your vehicles to tyres or try to find something that can be usable anymore, now you have the perfect match at your disposal at any time. Even if vehicles are operating in extreme weather and terrain conditions.

Stability, precision and safety are always guaranteed, as well as resistance to damage and puncture.

The actual goal is to create increasingly performing tyres for industrial use, reliable in the long term, versatile and absolutely safe, so that vehicles can be a key factor in the production process.

The choice is widely available, just check it out.