Iñigo Gomariz Díaz has taken charge at Pamplona-based UniCarriers Manufacturing Spain S.A. As Vice President, he will be responsible for the location’s strategic further development. His duties also include managing the Spanish production plant. Iñigo Gomariz Díaz is taking over from Miguel Angel Ruiz, who is retiring after over 40 years working for the forklift manufacturer.

As Vice President, Iñigo Gomariz Díaz now forms part of UniCarriers’ European executive management team. In his new role, the manager represents UniCarriers Manufacturing Spain S.A. to the outside world and acts as an interface between the Spanish subsidiary and the group head offices in Sweden and Japan. His main task is to further develop the Spanish location and ensure that the company’s objectives are attained. With this objective in mind, Mr Gomariz Díaz will coordinate activities within different areas of the company, and as director of the production plant in Pamplona, is also responsible for the development of the product range.

Mr Gomariz Díaz is taking over from Miguel Angel Ruiz. Mr Angel Ruiz played a significant role in expanding the Spanish location during his more than 40 years at UniCarriers and predecessor company Nissan. Among other things, he assisted in launching the GX and TX counterbalance truck series. “We thank Miguel Angel Ruiz for his many years of commitment. He successfully steered the Spanish organisation through change processes, such as the consolidation of our three original brands, and overcame the challenges that they posed,” affirms Nobuo Yoh, President of UniCarriers Europe. “We are now pleased to appoint Iñigo Gomariz Díaz, an experienced expert in the sector, as a successor.”