In this article we will cover some of the more unusual and demanding applications that MiniTec modular aluminium profiles have been used on. Whilst it is true that the biggest market segment our products are used in are machine guarding and related safety, we also cover a wide range of other industrial segments, retail and sports, lifestyle and scientific applications.

The essential flexibility of the modular profile system lends itself perfectly to limitless applications, the execution however of such projects requires the in-depth technical and design expertise that MiniTec has in order to ensure all aspects are met.

The first example describes an application for a conveyor system in an ATEX Zone 1 hazardous area and the second illustrates the requirement for a magnetically shielded test room.

1. Conveyor Handling System for Hazardous Environment

We designed and delivered a conveyor handling system for use within a bottling and handling process in a hazardous environment. The conveyor handles product in a Zone 1 area which means there is exposure to the risk of explosion. The Design and Manufacturing team used the ATEX guidelines to complete the EHSR and risk assessment of the assembly.

Each of the conveyor units had to be equipped with ATEX rated motors running a 200mm wide belt, complete with adjustable side rails to 70mm, delivering 20 metres per second with a maximum load of 200kg over the conveyor.

2. Magnetically shielded test room

The company had secured a contract with Magnetic Shields to design and build a low frequency magnetically shielded room for test purposes.

MiniTec and Magnetic Shields worked together to design and manufacture a 3m x 3m x 2m high shielded room for the University of Vienna who conduct research into the properties of magnetic fields.

The MiniTec aluminium profile system was selected because of its robustness and the simplicity of installation coupled with the comprehensive range of accessories.

Once the framework was complete it was clad with Mumetal®, a highly permeable material, which serves to absorb magnetic field and re-direct it away from the interior of the room.

The drastically reduced magnetic field allows experiments to be carried out without magnetic interference.

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