Without the right products, minimising the amount of energy lost through warehouses and loading bays can become extremely difficult and expensive to operate. Helping to ensure that this is kept to a minimum, leading industrial door manufacturer Hörmann, works closely with owners and occupants of distribution centres to ensure facility executives can manage the cost of operating warehouses.

For many years Hörmann has been providing the logistics industry with solutions and services that have been specifically developed for temperature controlled facilities. With some products offering Uvalues as low as 0.64 W/(m² K).

Hörmann’s range of high-speed sectional and spiral doors provide distribution centres with industry leading thermal insulation and are available in either 42mm or 67mm.

The ISO speed door is a popular choice when it comes to cutting refrigeration costs in cold storage, as well as saving energy in production and distribution areas. Featuring steel sections with rigid PU foam and a thermal break on both the inside and outside, the additional lintel and bottom seals help to achieve a U-value of 0.57 W/(m² K) on a fitted door. The ISO door is available in 100mm thick panels to help separate areas with high temperature differences.

In addition to Hörmann’s range of high-speed sectional doors, the leading industrial door manufacturer has a range of energy efficient flexible doors. Flexible highspeed doors are designed to help businesses effectively reduce energy loss and draughts in the building, for example, the V 4015 ISO L door has an energy-efficient insulated curtain for cold and fresh logistics. It has been designed for refrigerated warehouses up to 1 degrees Celsius and is available with an optional ThermoFrame. This separates the frame from the building structure, which has the ability to improve thermal insulation by up to 15%.

The latest door within Hörmann’s range of flexible high-speed doors is the V 4015 SEL ALU-R. Released at the beginning of this year, it has been developed specifically for facilities with limited side room and comes available with Hörmann’s safety light grille as standard to help protect workplaces against damage or accidental readjustments. As well as this, it also comes with the option of having the control on the side frame instead of on the wall, making it the perfect solution for those that have limited side room.

Aside from doors in warehouses, loading bays also play a crucial role in minimising energy loss. Telescopic lips allow the dock leveller to sit behind an insulated door, while the use of inflatable curtains provides a seal around the sides of a trailer, which works well for frozen or chilled food environments. Double door systems, like the SPU 67 Thermo, can be fitted so that a docked vehicle can be unloaded in a set lobby area, before a second insulated door is opened into a frozen storage zone. The SPU 67 Thermo double-skinned steel sectional doors benefit from 67mm thick polyurethane-filled panels with built-in thermal breaks. Being light and compact, this particular door provides high-levels of insulation and requires minimal energy to operate.

As with many of Hörmann’s energysaving doors, the SPU 67 Thermo is also available with Hörmann’s specially designed ThermoFrame. Additional lip seals on both sides of the door and on the top section of the door, provide additional insulation and reduce heat transfer by up to 21% and offering U-values as low as 0.64W/m² K on a fitted door.

To find out more information about the benefits of quality insulation and regular maintenance, as well as how to reduce the environmental impact of your distribution centre, contact Hörmann’s industrial team on 01530 516888.


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