The real alternative to a permanent building at a fraction of the time and cost…..

That’s the short answer, now for 8 more cost saving facts.

Is a temporary building the same as a marquee?

No. Temporary buildings have a ten year guarantee and meet the required British Standards for structural integrity. Marquees don’t and are for short term use only.

Why are they called ‘temporary’?

Because they are available for hire and purchase, and can be easily dismantled or relocated without needing ground works.

How quickly can a temporary building be installed?

In a matter of days for a standard size building.

How long can a temporary building be hired for?

We recommend a minimum of 12 months onwards with an indefinite lifespan.

Can they be purchased?

Yes and are often used instead of a permanent building to save costs.

What is a temporary building made of?

Lightweight aluminium frame that combines strength and durability with quality and flexibility. The roof is a heavy duty industrial PVC that can be single skin or a double skin ‘Thermo Roof’ for insulating properties. Walls are either single skin steel cladding, an insulated polymer system or steel sandwich panels. A large proportion of a temporary building has high recyclable properties.

Is planning permission needed?

Sometimes, but we can handle all of this for you.

Why should I choose a temporary building over a traditional structure?

Because you will be able to expand and contract your business space at the drop of a hat for minimal cost, disruption, investment and risk.


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