The new OPX Series of order pickers brought onto the market by STILL are not only tailored to customers’ varied operating requirements but also display many ergonomic improvements for even higher efficiency. A four-month practical test by the Italian retail discounter EuroSpin showed that the Hamburg intralogistics specialist has hit the target with the new trucks. Due to the truck’s greater comfort, EuroSpin staff can work fatigue-free, which makes them considerably more productive. The OPX also inspired confidence through exceptional performance regarding speed, safe cornering, stability and reliability. In short, all the aspects that make a decisive contribution to allowing companies like EuroSpin to exploit their full growth potential.

high level of convenience increases productivity: EuroSpin’s staff can work fatigue-free due
to the greater degree of truck convenience resulting from the ergonomic improvements in the
OPX model series, which makes them considerably more productive.

A member of EuroSpin’s management board says “We want to be one of the big players in the future European Market. For this we must not only match our product portfolio to the market’s constantly changing needs and current trends, but also carefully examine the efficiency of our logistics processes. For many years we have relied on the competence of the intralogistics specialist STILL, who always supplies us with the right industrial truck solution. STILL has now convinced us once again with the new OPX 20, which we put through a rigorous test program.”

According to Thomas A. Fischer, STILL GmbH’s Sales, Marketing and Service Director (CSO): “We are proud of our long-standing, trusting partnership with EuroSpin, and have not only accompanied the retail group’s successful growth from the very start, but also to some extent shared in shaping it with our logistics solutions. It was all the more important to us that the new order picker should be one of the first tested by EuroSpin. The opinion of one of Italy’s biggest retail discounters is invaluable for us. We are also extremely pleased that we were able to make further improvements to EuroSpin’s logistics processes during the test.”

Despite long distances, EuroSpin staff achieve a high pick density with the new 2-ton capacity
OPX 20.

The success story of the Italian retail discounter EuroSpin started in 1993. The corporate group has developed since then to become Italy’s biggest retail discounter. It sells mainly its own brands, as well as selected manufacturer’s brands. The EuroSpin brand guarantees high quality at low prices. EuroSpin is now the sector leader in Italy with regard to its number of branches, because it is one of the few continuously expanding franchisors. The discounter’s retail outlets are also already spreading across borders in nearby Slovenia. But that’s only the start. In addition to a leading position in Italy, the discount retailer also wants to be an important player in the whole European discount market.

With a product range of more than 3,000 articles in the food, non-food, frozen food, fruit and vegetables areas, EuroSpin is comparable with discounters like Aldi/Hofer, Lidl, Netto, Penny, Norma or Denner. As well as foods, the product range now also includes various non-food products, e.g. in the areas of textiles, household goods and DIY. A few of the newer sales outlets also have departments for fresh meat and fish, fresh baked products and catering. Travel services have also been offered online since 2009 under the EuroSpin Viaggi trademark. In addition, photography-related services are offered under the EuroSpin Foto brand, e.g. paper prints, posters, calendars and photo albums.

State-of-the-art technologies are a characteristic feature of the EuroSpin Group’s retail shops. For example, the various sales areas are marked by specific lighting and displays. The Group’s own satellite channel “Radio EuroSpin” gives customers up-to-date information about offers and campaigns.

The OPX 20 has a 2,000 kg load capacity, and with a 240-mm fork length it can pick up two
pallets, either for order-picking or for horizontal goods transport.

EuroSpin’s logistics concept is designed to maximise efficiency. It consists of eleven main warehouses for dry and fresh foods, nine frozen food storage facilities and an external warehouse for imported non-food products in the area around the retail businesses, to allow a guaranteed ontime daily delivery service. The newest distribution centre in San Martino Buonalbergo is at EuroSpin Italia’s headquarters, and is provided with the very latest intralogistics, e.g. semiautomatic heavy-duty shelving and shelf storage-&-retrieval equipment.

A fleet of STILL industrial trucks consisting of 1,500 trucks ensures goods movement that is both smooth and large in more than 1,000 sales outlets and 11 distribution centres belonging to the corporate group. Most of the STILL trucks are horizontal order-pickers, high-lift and low-platform trucks, reach trucks and battery-powered stacker trucks.

The STILL OPX 20 tested at EuroSpin showed its talents mainly in the retail discounter’s dry area, where it was used to order-pick goods for delivery to retail businesses. Because order picking at EuroSpin takes place only at ground level, the truck did not need an elevating platform. The OPX 20 has a 2,000 kg load capacity, and with its 2,400 mm fork length it can accommodate up to two Euro pallets in a lengthways direction for orderpicking or to transport goods horizontally. With a driving speed of up to 12 km/h, the truck is suitable for medium- and long-distance transport.

Fischer explains that “With the OPX range, we want to provide our customers with optimum solutions from a single supplier to meet their individually customised logistics. Because of the large number of individual applications features, the client can adapt the order-picker to meet his specific requirements so as to achieve a maximum level of efficiency.”