Powered two wheeler accidents on the rise, IoC talks with the transport minister John Hayes and TfL, alongside the October heads of industry meeting resulted in the first foundations of a code of practice for Express delivery, ‘An express delivery courier will be expected to have completed their CBT and passed the theory test before conducting paid, professional delivery work on a powered two wheeler.’

IOC president, Lord Falkland talks c2018 code of practice for express final
mile with Transport Minister John Hayes CBE and TFL head of surface
transport Leon Daniels.

‘Motorcycle riding standards are key to safety in London, the theory test passed should be a minimum standard before using a powered two wheeler for work.’

Presently an individual can complete their CBT, ride a powered two wheeler and not have to have passed their theory knowledge of the Highway code. The IoC code will set ‘theory test passed’ as a minimum standard in its 2018 code of conduct for express delivery. A code of practice launching in January 2018 will encompass the new TfL two wheeler training, supporting safety, efficiency and clean air for London. The IoC code of practice will reflect on Taylor review, self-employment and working practice. The IoC code will go beyond present compliance, a commercial rider will be expected to have completed their CBT and passed the theory test as a minimum standard. Other items under the new code will relate to commercial insurance and further focus on the safety of the final mile consumers including a DBS check to provide best practice for the Express sector.