When a high security site needed replacement Entrance and Exit Gates for their main security lodge entrance they called on upon Perimeter Security Maintenance, the gates and barriers arm of BID Group Ltd to provide a modern solution.

Technical Account manager David Bolton said “The existing gates were 30 years old and replacement parts had become obsolete. The proposal PSM provided was to replace the old sliding gates with modern Bi Parting Folding Gates, the design takes up less space around the openings and offers quicker operating times.

BID Group’s gates are made for industrial and commercial usage and are designed to offer a smooth and reliable operation whilst maintaining site security.

Automated gates can be operated by many different types of access control dependant on the level of security and speed of operation required.

David Bolton added “We understand the importance of safety associated with automated gates and all our systems are fully EC safety compliant incorporating safety edges and photo beams to protect against potential impact and trapping hazards”.

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