Hotmelt glues are widely used in packaging, as the nature of the glue ensures a rapid, permanent bond that is tamper-evident and doesn’t degrade under normal storage conditions. Commonly used in automated carton assembly and sealing systems, hotmelt also becomes a viable option for manual packaging with Stickfast glue sticks and applicator guns from Xtegra®.

Stickfast glues are manufactured in four formulas – multipurpose, fast setting, high bond strength and low melting temperature – to cover all common applications. The 12mm low-temperature glue stick is compatible with the Stickfast GX80LT applicator gun and all other formulas are manufactured in 12mm and 18mm sticks and 43mm slugs.

The Stickfast collection of applicator guns ranges from light to heavy duty. The lighter models are suitable for intermittent use and lower glue output requirements.

With pre-set temperature and trigger-controlled glue flow rate, they are lightweight and easy to use and are supplied with a removable stand to prevent damage or injury when idle.

Medium and heavy duty guns are equipped with separate temperature and glue flow rate adjustments for accurate dispensing, rubberised grip for operator comfort and a removable or integral stand.

Stickfast Slimline light and medium duty applicator guns also offer separate temperature and glue flow rate adjustments and rubberised grip for sleeker, more ergonomic design.

All Stickfast glues and applicator guns are available from authorised Xtegra stockists throughout the UK and Ireland. More details of the range can be found by visiting and entering ‘Stickfast’ in the search bar. If your current supplier is unable to supply Stickfast products, contact for details of stockists in your area.