The name Permaban has long been associated with innovative armoured joints for warehouse and industrial concrete floors. However, the brand’s latest development achieves a new ‘industry first,’ thanks to a different manufacturing process and a ground-breaking material.

Permaban Signature II is manufactured from glass reinforced nylon (GRN) using an injection moulding process. A strong, advanced composite, GRN is lightweight yet extremely robust and is used to manufacture a myriad of hard-working products, from automotive parts to industrial bearings. Stable at all temperatures and non-conductile, it is also resistant to chemicals.

“Using GRN in joints brings huge benefits for both warehouse owners and flooring contractors,” commented Lee Brockway, Sales Director of RCR Flooring Products which owns the Permaban brand.

“Firstly, the manufacturing process guarantees exceptional product accuracy and consistency. Being so light, the joint is easier to ship and handle on site than metal joints. What’s more, it won’t corrode and is UV stable, so it can be used inside buildings, across doorways and for external yards – all the same product. Plus, of course, it prevents impact damage to vehicles and joints.”

Traditionally armoured joints have been created from straight strips of thick metal. Yet as many warehouse owners found, straight joints still became damaged due to impact, particularly from directional traffic; and vehicles and drivers alike suffered from the jolting caused by impact.

However, Permaban Signature was launched in 2012 and took a different approach. Signature’s half-hexagon shape was designed not to defend against wheel impact, but to prevent it. The shape stops vehicle wheels from dropping between the two sides of the joint so that, when installed in a warehouse, vehicles can cross the joint at any angle without causing impact, because the joint itself never bears any weight. No impact means no damage to the joint or the vehicle.

Permaban Signature scooped an award for innovation, and has subsequently been sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. The second generation of Signature offers all the benefits of the original, and many more. It is supplied in shorter lengths which can be clipped together easily. Square dowel bars ensure good load transfer across the floor, and these clip into place to guarantee precise alignment, important to prevent floor cracking.

Also available in the same material is the Permaban Signature AR joint repair system, which replaces damaged sections of straight joints in existing warehouse floors.

Permaban is a trading name of RCR Flooring Products Ltd. Permaban is the brand name for the company’s armoured joints for industrial and warehouse concrete floors.