Logopak have been at the forefront of print and apply since they invented the first print & apply labeller over 35 years ago. They have maintained their position as experts in the field through constant innovation and a reputation for quality.

The 800 series pallet labeller has long been the industrial standard in print and apply, and first choice for end users demanding the utmost in reliability and performance. They are ideal for those looking to automate a manual process while remaining GS1 compliant. Now these reliable performers have been given an update.

The challenge was to deliver the most user-friendly machine on the market, while replacing wear-andtear parts with state-of-the-art motor technology and carrying on the tradition of quality German engineering. After intensive development and extensive field trials, Logopak bring to the market the new 800+ model, powered by Digi-drive technology.

New Design

The new clean design has a simplified and easy threading path, with an open-sided design allowing consumable material to be threaded from the side. The number of rollers has been reduced to the minimum to allow quick replenishment of consumables.

Mechanical clutches are a thing of the past – all drive motors are now electronically controlled via Digi-drive. Consumable materials are monitored by shaft encoders which displays the current remaining percentage and run time at current consumption, either on a local display or network export (via data exchange). Both label and ribbon web tension is also electronically controlled, which reduces service items and intervals.

Extra large 800m matching label and carbon rolls support jumbo consumable rolls for longer running times. Typical use delivers 12,500 case labels per 800m roll, running for up to 4 hours at 60 cycles per minute.

The Plus+ series print head offers open side material handling and a manual print trigger for ease of use. Logopak long life printheads use reliable flat head technology allowing in excess of 100 labels per minute with a suitable label and applicator.


Serious effort has gone into making the new Plus+ series easy to operate. The handling of labels and ribbons has been simplified, and shaft encoders allow the operator to plan label roll changes precisely.

Mechanical clutches or belts have been replaced with electronic controls, and fewer wear-and-tear items also means simpler servicing.