Simplify the sustainability of a demanding processing and storage facility by installing an impact resistant, abrasion-proof and heavyduty industrial floor paint system.

For storage, handling, and light to medium vehicular use, understanding what specifications can be met could bring huge benefits to your company. There are many warehouse, factory and industrial floor paint solutions available in 2017 for the most demanding factory settings:

• Cold storage and food processing plants

• Electrical component handling departments

• Medicinal and pharmaceutical development facilities

• Automotive, rail and aviation manufacturing plants

• Storage and shipping depots for multi-national manufacturing brands

Reducing downtime in cold storage and low temperature environments

Breweries, frozen food production lines and other environmentally controlled zones need to operate 365 days a year, and the costs involved with temperature changes for maintenance and repair work could be expensive.

To avoid problems, there are a wide range of Winter Grade or low temperature floor paints available. These heavy-duty floor coatings produce low VOCs and can cure at very low temperatures. Ideal for work that can be scheduled around heavily staffed times – such as weekend maintenance scheduling – and around food and other sensitive materials where toxins, smells and other contaminating elements must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Anti-static floor solutions for electrical, chemical and volatile work environments

Anti-static floor systems can be business critical solutions for production or manufacturing plants handling highly volatile chemicals, or electrical component assembly and handling facilities. Conductive floor systems are also frequently found at science laboratories, aeronautical departments, and hospital operating rooms. Anti-static floor paints provide electrical conductivity to electro static discharges, which can produce explosions around chemical substances or volatile gases, or can easily build up and overload a system it encounters.

Impact resistance for concrete floors

Epoxy floor paints provide the ultimate protection against impact damage, from vehicular use, or dropped equipment and can hold colossal weight. Epoxy floor paint installations will provide protection against indents, scratches and abrasions from storage structures. Commonly found in showrooms, warehouses, workshops and on factory floors, their availability in almost any colour grade makes them highly desirable for customer facing or demonstration areas. Additional line marking paints can also compartmentalise large floor spaces, mark-out forklift access routes or highlight pedestrian restricted areas.

Long-Term Floor Solutions to Meet Business’ Requirements

New floor paint installations can last for very long periods of time, offering durability, chemical resistance, non-fading colours and UV protection. They are business critical, health and safety requirement meeting products designed for large scale and industrial use. Picking the bestsuiting floor paint can deliver costeffective solutions for any company, regardless of size and scale.

If you know or have access to your business’ current or previous floor installation specifications, this will allow a supplier to meet or exceed requirements. With so many options available, and as businesses expand and develop into new sectors, your requirements may also changed over time. Consequently, are you ready for or in need of an upgrade?