The evolution of e-commerce has, without doubt, been one of the biggest logistical challenges of the century. As retailers’ business models change, the need to adapt in a way that allows warehouse operators to manage their expectations is more important than ever.

E-commerce has changed the way we all shop, and consumers no longer expect to wait 1 – 2 weeks for a delivery, but require services like click and collect and next day delivery to suit their convenience. Because of this, the warehouse and logistics industry is under increasing pressure to consider how it can deliver goods faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost. The increased demand on the industry means that both upgrades to and construction of distribution premises are at a record high, and loading bay requirements are having to be re-considered.

Over the last year alone, Hörmann has helped numerous parcel delivery companies, both large and small, to adapt their delivery methods to meet new expectations. Decades of expertise and a real focus on quality and innovation mean that Hörmann’s award-winning product range has helped to improve loading bay efficiency and safety.

Hörmann’s newly launched cushioned BBS dock shelter has been designed especially for small transport and delivery vehicles, such as the VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter.

Hörmann has developed the dock shelter so that it can be adapted to suit the shape of these vehicles and have hinged doors with an opening angle of both 180 degrees and 270 degrees. Providing delivery companies with a safe and secure option when loading at a warehouse, the BBS dock shelter forms a complete seal around delivery vehicles once docked, helping to protect valuable stock in warehouses from the elements and avoid heat loss.

Hörmann’s UK Managing Director, David Newcombe says: “We invest a considerable amount of time in research and development every year to ensure that our products not only exceed customer expectations but also provide real solutions to the everyday problems facing warehouse operators. It is this commitment that has built our reputation for quality and innovation, and secured our position as the UK’s leading door and loading bay equipment manufacturer.”

The BBS dock shelter has been designed to help warehouse occupants improve efficiency and the safety of commercial vehicle drivers when loading and unloading. As the warehouse and logistics industry is continuously changing, Hörmann guarantees that its products and services evolve to be in line with shifting needs and buying habits. Hörmann’s latest design of industrial door supports the industry, recognises the problems and works to provide customers with the best possible solution.

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