Klimate the high speed door division of BID Group Ltd provided the solution for a large food distributer’s problem freezer door which was constantly breaking down and causing the freezer roof to be covered in ice. This resulted in the refrigeration units working flat out increasing the distributer’s energy bills.

BID Group’s installation engineers fitted a K2 Freezer Door on the end of an airlock pod into the freezer with a standard Ardent door on the other end. Both doors were interlocked.

Roger McNeal Technical Account Manager at BID Group adds “The customer is very impressed with the product and the difference it has made to the freezer chamber, they saw a vast improvement in conditions and the installation has reduced the running costs.”

Klimate manufacture and install high speed Ardent Doors for ambient conditions and for cold conditions they have the pace setting economic K2 Freezer Doors. Klimate is the high speed door division of BID Group Ltd.


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