There’s no doubt about it; the future looks somewhat animated for the parcel delivery industry. Robotic drivers are no longer limited to our TV screens; soon enough out science-fiction dreams will become a reality. Similarly, automated delivery vehicles can help transform our cities and delivery for years to come. Technology doesn’t necessarily mean expense; cheap parcel delivery will remain widely available. The difference is: will you be greeted by a self-driving robot at your door? Find out below!

We’ll warn you now, in the near future you could expect a small robot to deliver good right to your mail box. No matter whether you need a few things from Amazon or forgot to collect the drive cleaning on your way home, the way parcels are delivered could be revolutionised sooner than we think.

Earlier this year in April, it was announced that self-driving robots described as ‘Starship’ buggies will start to deliver parcel in London. Not only can these nifty robots carry out a single delivery in less than 30 minutes, the drone can move at 4mph, cross the road and avoid bumping into obstacles. Unlike robots designed to resemble a human being the ‘Starship’ is designed for its purpose; to deliver parcels.

The best part? These bots can go where a drone cant. The only problem is, is that these robots are only able to travel within a two-mile radius of the control centre where they are recharged, so unless you live within that radius, don’t expect to see 6-wheeled bots trundling down your street anytime soon!

Other technology breakthroughs could involve driverless and even drove deliveries straight to your front door. Amazon was the first to claim a successful prime air drone delivery back in December 2016. The trial was carried out in Cambridge and a bag of popcorn and TV streaming stick was delivered directly to the garden of a customer who lived nearby. Although we don’t recall ordering popcorn by post before, this trial suggests the aerial delivery is possible and come become a vital business asset sooner than we thought – even if it is just useful for those who order items weighing no more than 2.6kg!

Over the past few years, the demand for automated parcel delivery increased as a result of developing e-commerce volumes. The automated parcel delivery terminals market is expected to continue to develop and expand. Not only are these advanced services able to provide an contact service, they are able to operate regardless of the weather and traffic delays so you don’t need to worry about your parcels safe arrival. However, reduced human interaction can create it’s owns issues. Before we see these bots hit our streets, more research is required to enable the smooth functionality of them to improve integrity.

We are unable to say for sure whether parcel delivery will definitely be automated in the future, but we can certainly say that recent technological advancements has made that possibility even more likely – a lot of unanswered questions remain.