Will your current strapping machinery take the strain of peak? Will it cope with the volumes, without breaking down? Maybe you need to reassess the situation before peak hits, because it’s on its way.

Upgrading to a faster, more automated system may be better than installing additional machinery. Replacing older or less reliable machinery will give you peace of mind that output won’t grind to a halt at the worst moment.

Packaging professionals choose strapping machinery from Optimax® because they trust its reliability and performance, and because they know they have the support of the Optimax UK service centre and field engineer team.

Extending from hand held friction weld tools to fully automatic systems, the Optimax range has something for every application.

Friction weld tools are primarily used to strap large, palletised consignments. Powerful lithium-ion batteries for cordless operation also make them popular in the building products sector, where they are used to secure pallets of timber, brick and concrete products.

Table strappers offer versatile, semi-automatic carton strapping for medium volume users. The absence of a strapping arch also makes them suitable for oversized cartons, and their compact size allows them to be stowed under a bench when not in use.

Arch strappers are designed for higher volume use, and fullyautomatic models with powered belt or roller tables are easily integrated with automated packing lines. Strapping sequences can be programmed to apply multiple straps to cartons at set spacing.

Don’t risk being caught out by peak – contact your packaging distributor today and ask them about Optimax® strapping machinery.