Midlands based temporary building supplier Aganto, has been chosen to provide the temporary workshop for the maintenance of off shore wind turbine blades for Siemens renewable energy division.

Aganto, one of the UK’s leading temporary building suppliers, was approached by Siemens who had a very urgent requirement for temporary structures to act as units covering the offshore wind turbine blades whilst they were undertaking maintenance. To understand the requirements fully due to the technical intricacies of the project, national sales manager, John Hutchinson, within 24 hours of being approached- went to visit a site in Denmark which had a similar structure currently in place. John reassured the Siemens team that Aganto could indeed produce the units -and quickly- to the specification required leading to Aganto winning the contract.

Some companies could be overwhelmed by the sheer size and scale of the project, yet within just two weeks of the order, Aganto’s expert installation team had fitted all three temporary structures; all 15m wide x 30m long x 4.2m to the height eave. Special gable ends allowed the blades to enter the building and the temporary units were fully insulated so that the maintenance to the blades could be worked on. Aganto can provide temperature controlled temporary workshops which is exactly what Siemens have chosen to rent for at least 12 months whilst the upkeep is undertaken.

The speed in which Siemens quite significant problem has been resolved is quite incredible. Three weeks prior to installation they were in talks with John, now they have three fully operational workshops in which crucial maintenance can be carried out at their UK offsite wind power facility in Hull. No time lost, no major site upheaval, and a flexibility in the rental time. If they need to extend their use of the temporary workshops, that won’t be a problem.

John adds: “Timescales cannot always be definite, but with Aganto’s range of temporary buildings, a business can choose the length of time, budget and size of the building dependent on their company requirements.”

Your temporary building, your flexibility. Your decision.




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