“Our new service will help supply chain users regain full control of their mobile estate and deploy it to best effect” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard

Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing rugged hardware, software and services provider for warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and retail companies is launching a “mobile operating system consulting service that will help supply chain users regain full control of their mobile estate and deploy it to best effect”  Renovotec says.

Renovotec’s service will evaluate Microsoft (legacy and planned), Google Android, Zebra Android with Mx, Apple iOS and other mobile OS options for users, along with the role of mobile device management and middleware-driven task management. Any mobile OS environment should be underpinned by a rigorous ICT security policy to tackle the threats posed by uncontrolled mobile data use and unauthorised application downloads, Renovotec says.

The UK’s smartphone user penetration rate is increasing rapidly and forecast to reach almost 80% by 2022*. “This trend is impacting the supply chain workplace where there has already been an increase in the use of non-rugged, consumer-standard, potentially insecure mobile devices” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard. “Radical incoming changes to the mobile operating system (OS) landscape provide an opportunity for supply chain companies to re-visit the controlled, cost-efficient use of mobile technology for customer service and competitive edge, beginning with the OS that drives it.”

*Source: Statista.com 

Company background (www.renovotec.com)

Renovotec is the UK’s fastest growing provider of rugged hardware. The company’s approach to rugged hardware purchase and rental is customer-driven and manufacturer-independent.

Renovotec’s rugged-hardware-as-a-service (r-HaaS) combines ongoing user support with zero capital outlay, allowing companies to scale their hardware flexibly, and with confidence.

Renovotec is an expert in field mobility service technology running on rugged mobile devices, and is the UK’s leading exponent of automatic data capture (AIDC) on rugged and mobile hardware using voice, scanning and RFID technology.