Efficient utilisation of warehouse space has long been a dilemma for many a warehouse and operations manager. As businesses grow year on year, so does the demand on storage space. Inefficient use of space can bring operational or financial constraints to growing businesses.

Accurate forecasting enables many businesses to address the issue of warehouse space before it becomes a problem. However, seasonal trends and typical busy periods as well as external factors within a supply chain can play a major role in the validity of a forecast. Combine this with consumer volatility and environmental issues and it is easy to see how unforeseen pressures on a warehouse can occur, with the major issue being a severe shortage of space.

Within many warehousing and distribution centres conventional pallet racking systems, which allow for goods to be stacked and organised effectively, are common practice. However, conventional pallet racking is not always the most practical and viable way to deal with seasonal trends which can often require a warehouse to be extremely versatile and to work to its maximum efficiency.

Post pallets are a fast and convenient alternative to expensive racking solutions as they can be assembled instantaneously, allowing businesses to see the advantages and obtain an immediate return on investment. From their vast stock range Palletower can offer a varied range of sizes that can accommodate products that are not best suited to standard racking due to their abnormal shapes, lengths and sizes.

Palletower are the largest stockists of Post Pallets and diverse range of stillages in the UK, providing vital resources for a large number of distribution centres and warehouses across the UK and Europe. During seasonal peaks and busy periods the ability to be able to provide products on demand, whether this is a flexible rental agreement or a large purchase straight from stock is what makes Palletower invaluable to the supply chain.

Palletower’s rental service provides businesses with the opportunity to rent post pallets for a period that coincides with seasonal trends and then de-hired and returned once they are no longer required, therefore freeing up space instantaneously.

Palletower’s rental options start from just two weeks. Their rental fleet of post pallets is the largest in the UK , available from stock, ready for immediate despatch, enabling businesses to meet their demands and experience ROI from day one.

Post pallets provide cost efficient storage solutions across a diverse range of industries. A feature of Palletower’s range is their galvanised post pallets which can be used in range of tough working environments such as cold storage or outdoor use. Units stack neatly due to their cupped feet design and the many base sizes available means that they can accommodate an abundance of products in all shapes, lengths and sizes. Space saving when not in use, post pallets can be conveniently stowed away when no longer required, freeing up valuable space.

Palletower’s post pallets offer a cost-efficient solution to an abundance of storage and racking problems and will help keep businesses running smoothly when the pressure of utilising warehouse space reaches its highest levels.

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