Sage 50 has revolutionised the way small and medium sized companies do business, manage their account and payroll, their sales, and much more. It has, essentially, contributed to the improvement and expansion of many businesses, which has made it a popular option for many.

This software is already comprehensive, but a new add-on sees its functionalities improved and the user experience enhanced. G-SMart Link 50, by GSM Barcoding, links with the Sage 50 software to enable inventory management and barcode tracking, to improve decision-making and to provide an even greater customer service.

What is Link 50?

Firstly, it is important to know exactly what Link 50 is in order to know how it can benefit your business. This software, fully named G-SMart Link 50, is an ‘add-on’ for Sage 50 that can improve the way you do stock management.

Link 50 turns Sage 50 into a fully functioning warehouse management system. It is designed to be seamlessly integrated with your Sage 50 software and to track and manage your inventory effortlessly – you won’t have to keep track of anything yourself, as this add-on will do the job for you in an accurate and easyto- understand way.

Who Can Benefit from This Software?

G-SMart Link 50 is a great addition for businesses, as it fully integrates with Sage 50, prints barcode labels, tracks stock, has advanced batch and serial number tracking, is browserbased, collects data useful for companies, takes stock without interruption, and much more.

These features are especially relevant for SMEs, since Link 50 can help them to improve and expand their business. Transitioning from manual to automated stock control can be challenging, so Link 50 aims to not only make this transition smooth, but also to solve issues specific to SMEs. Issues such as managing stock in multiple locations and in different industries – like manufacturing, logistics, retail, and warehousing and distribution.

What Are the Advantages of Link 50?

There are many benefits to incorporating Link 50 into your Sage 50 software.

Small to medium sized companies can eliminate manual count mistakes, as the processes will become automated. You can equally enjoy faster operations, as the barcode tracking solutions provided by Link 50 helps to quickly and accurately take stock and track inventory in real time.

But these are not the only advantage that G-SMart Link 50 brings to your business.

Choosing this add-on for your Sage 50 accounts can help you to reduce stock waste and improve stock turnover, increase picking speed, remove despatch errors, and track serial, batch and BOM’s as well.

You can also rest assured that installing Link 50 is an easy process, as the add-on is intuitive and userfriendly, and allows for easy access across multiple wireless devices, since it uses a browser-based interface. The ease of integration and the fact that it will not create disruption to your current systems and your operations is one of the most important advantages of this software. This means you can continue normal day-to-day tasks without downtime or the need to change the way your business operates to accommodate the new add-on.

G-SMart Link 50 offers a wealth of advantages to SMEs that you can start enjoying today. The simple integration with Sage 50 and the wide range of optional features mean that this software will fit your company’s specific needs without the need to invest in a complex and expensive enterprise solution.