If you have been wondering how to make your warehouse a more efficient and productive environment, then you have come to the right place. This infographic has been created by the warehouse management system software experts and explores 10 different ways to make your warehouse more efficient. Follow these tips and you will soon find your distribution operations far more streamlined. These tips include:

Utilizing Your Software 

Software that collates your orders by pick paths, lines, zones and level of picking difficulty can make a massive difference to the average time it takes your team to get new jobs out the door. Sequencing your orders in a way that makes them easier to pick will make life far easier for your pickers and packers.

Analyse Storage Equipment Usage

You can make better use of the storage space at your disposal by placing slow-moving stock in bin shelving and more popular SKUs in carton and pallet flow areas.

Investigate New Technology

Well established companies that use older technology should take a look at radio frequency scanners and tags, bar code systems, voice-activated solutions and other modern warehouse equipment. Any, or all, of these will improve picking efficiency dramatically.

Take a look at this infographic to discover the 7 other ways that will be sure to improve your warehouses efficiency!