Statistically there is one serious forklift truck accident investigated every working day of the year in the UK. Around 14.5% of transport accidents involve fork lift trucks and unfortunately some of them are fatal. Exposure to industrial battery gases and leaked acid regularly cause serious burns and eye injuries. Worst case scenario an industrial battery can violently explode showering the surrounding area with casing fragments and corrosive chemicals.

But these risks are well managed these days right? Sadly the answer is no. The standard of MHE battery maintenance in this country is generally poor. Batteries need regular cleaning and topping up with deionized water if health and safety risks are to be reduced. Failure to clean acid build up on the surface of the battery will result in the corrosion of cell terminals and the conductive elements of the connectors. Explosion is a real risk at this point. Acid also builds up inside the battery tray infiltrating the warehouse floor or the truck itself. Slips, trips and falls on leaked acid are commonplace.

Abdication of Responsibility

Unfortunately the financial focus on output often overrides the regard for health and safety.

Operatives can take the view that the batteries do not belong to them, simply not their problem. They are there to earn and earn they will at any price!

Considering that a battery combines lead, acid and high DC voltage, serious risks exist for both personnel and the public alike. So how best to manage these risks?

Planned Battery Maintenance & Operator Training

A battery maintenance contract will ensure regular visits to clean and top up all batteries onsite. Additionally service personnel will provide ongoing operator training, ensuring that all staff are aware of correct charging procedures and best practice battery management.

Invaluable for a busy facility with high staff turnover. Topping up contracts not only reduce the health and safety risk but significantly increase the life of the battery. Sweating the asset for the budget holder and reducing additional misuse costs.

An Independent Voice of Reason Fortis Battery Care are an independent, privately owned company that provide battery maintenance services across the UK deploying 17th edition qualified engineers.

Fortis are truly ‘independent’, they act on behalf of the OEM during the warranty period and are a much needed voice of reason between the fork lift truck provider and the end user. 25 years of experience and exceptional customer service have resulted in an impressive portfolio of both independent and large national blue chip clients including the John Lewis Partnership, Booker Distribution, Nestle, Aldi & B&Q.

Services range from battery & charger supply, preventative maintenance and topping contracts, service and rental across all brands and all technologies. National fleet management, asset processing and resident engineers are just some of the options available.

Micropower Partner

Fortis Battery Care are a longstanding partner and supporter of the Micropower Group a market leader for Battery Chargers to the Forklift sector. To understand exactly how you can reduce battery associated costs & safety risks in your facility book a site survey or call Fortis Battery Care on 0800 6335 532


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