A combined software and hardware Warehouse Management Solution from Global Barcode, Made4net and M3 Mobile delivers sustainable profit margins for 3PLs.

The logistics and supply chain industry in the UK is one of the most competitive in Europe. Serving 24 million customers has never been so challenging – especially in light of the double digit growth of eCommerce.

Changes in consumer demand require a total overhaul of fulfillment infrastructure in order to support the constantly changing industry.

“Any provider that establishes a strong reputation in e-commerce logistics and finds a formula which yields a consistently decent margin is set for years of success.” – David Buckby, an economist with the London based consultancy Transport Intelligence.

The key to success lays in streamlining processes by utilising state of the art supply chain technology, delivering maximum impact when hardware and software are seamlessly integrated in a ‘single platform’, serving as the backbone for all the operational and administrative processes of your organisation.

For over a decade this philosophy has been successfully implemented by Made4net Ltd, serving and supporting over 1300 Logistic Service Providers in more then 30 countries, consistently generating best practice processes.

M3 Mobile are global leaders in the design and build of high quality handheld computers, for businesses who need to manage their data on the move. A fastmoving business can go wherever it needs to be with a PDA that’s tough, durable and smart. Getting the right information at the right place at the right time – from warehousing and construction to retail and healthcare – every business needs the right product.

Global Barcode amalgamate Made4net and M3 Mobile’s offerings to build and install a consistent supply chain solution, bridging the gap between your business systems and the warehouse or manufacturing floor.


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