A large UK based lighting solutions company needed more on-site space quickly. With limited space available to store additional stock prior to shipping, the Operations Manager searched for a costefficient, prefabricated building structure of proven quality that he could rely on.

After comparing different offers, the optimal solution came from Herchenbach’s temporary building range. These high quality buildings feature a reliable German engineered aluminium frame, yet allow for customisation through size and accessories and are very costeffective.

Going from the first enquiry to assembly in just 4 weeks, Herchenbach’s temporary warehouse provided 6932 sq. ft. of storage space, ready for immediate use. The building measured 20 m wide, 3 m long and 6.4 m eave height, with trapezoidal sheet metal walls and sliding doors large enough for FLTs and lorries. Lighting and rain gutters were installed along the length of the walls to ensure optimal storage conditions. As the General Manager put it, “Herchenbach handled the project perfectly from start to finish within all deadlines and budgets and Health & Safety requirements, making the entire process hassle-free.”

Herchenbach is one of the industry’s leading and trusted providers for semi-permanent building solutions to capacity problems. It is the UK’s only provider that manufactures its building solutions itself so its customers do not have to go through any intermediaries or resellers. That does not only ensure short lead times but also guarantees the highest building availability and best prices, saving its customers valuable money and time. Since 1924 Herchenbach installed over 2000 buildings across Europe. With a designated UK team, Herchenbach offers free on-site visits nationwide for a detailed needs-assessment and tailored, expert advice you can trust.


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