Industrial flooring specialists CG Flooring Systems Ltd part of the CoGri Group of companies believe in a proactive approach to concrete floor maintenance. When it comes to concrete industrial floor slabs, they are the table top on which the warehouse runs its operation. A well, maintained floor will help provide a better surface for the materials handling equipment (MHE) to run on, which can lead to improved operational efficiency, reduce forklift maintenance costs and driver fatigue and ultimately lead to savings in the planned maintenance budget.

There are two main items in the floor that can lead to expensive and reactive maintenance; the floor joints and safety line marking. Look after them and they will look after you. More often than not carrying out expensive repairs to damaged joints or replacing safety demarcation lines is reactive and incurs unplanned maintenance, which in our experience is not budgeted for. The repair costs can therefore sometimes come as a shock. Good quality joint repairs and line marking is not cheap however, when done properly by an industrial flooring specialist they will stand the test of time.

Warehouse users can avoid or reduce the need to have costly repairs done by adopting a more proactive approach to floor maintenance and having the floor assessed on a regular basis. Regular surveys of the floor will highlight damage at the early stages, which will enable a more cost effective repairs to be carried out.


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