LetsJobIt is a multi-purpose route optimiser and job planner with a host of features which would benefit any business large or small. LetsJobIt was first developed in 2016 and has recently come to market with real excitement and energy. Backed by a successful Ecommerce partner in Gloucester, LetsJobIt has been thoroughly tested and put through its paces and has excelled in every aspect of its offering.

The idea of LetsJobIt was devised out of a need for a better way to organise and plan client visits. A platform that would reduce time wasted deciding on the best route to visit all clients in one day whilst taking traffic and time into consideration. Larger companies have custom-built platforms to do this but there was no solution for companies that lacked the software development resources to build their own, until now. LetsJobIt works on both iOS and Android devices and uses Google Maps data and traffic to plan routes. It’s suited for companies that have delivery drivers, on-the-road sales teams and visiting technicians and engineers.

LetsJobIt is feature-rich, with new updates being added monthly. Here’s a summary of what we think are the most valuable features:

Route Optimisation: Scheduling the most efficient order in which client visits or deliveries should be made. LetsJobIt can optimise thousands of delivery points across hundreds of vehicles simultaneously. A solution like this removes the hassle of sorting visits by post codes, or scouring maps to send employees in the right directions.

Real-time and on-the-go updates: Routes are re-optimised as new delivery points or visits are sent to drivers.

Real-time tracking: Real-time alerts notify the client of the driver’s arrival with a link to track their progress. Alerts also notify management when a driver/technician starts and ends his route (whether it be at home or at the depot).

Works Offline: Works seamlessly offline, downloading as much data as possible to the driver’s device.

Integration: LetsJobIt already integrates easily with Xero and Quickbooks, but our technical team can integrate with most CRMs and accounting packages to automate as much as possible so that you can focus on working, not matching up different systems.

LetsJobIt is the ideal tool for any company with anywhere from a few to lots of employees on the road doing multiple client visits a day. It’s easy to use and integrate into your company. To top it off, right now LetsJobIt is offering a 14-day free trial so that you can test it before committing.


Email: info@letsjobit.com

Website: letsjobit.com

Phone: 0800 4640886