For a decade now, Aganto, one of the UK’s leading temporary building suppliers, has worked in a successful partnership with Manchester based planning agency, Mosaic Town Planning. The two organisations have worked in close synergy in gaining planning permission for companies requiring fast and cost effective additional on-site space.

The mutually beneficial relationship began in 2007 with Aganto requiring planning advice for the increasing number of customers hiring or buying their range of temporary buildings.

A woolly and grey area at the best of times, and with the concept of temporary buildings back then a new one, to even comprehend and try to navigate the minefield of planning permission for temporary buildings seemed daunting and a ballache for potential customers.

Fortunately, the process is not as hard or complex as you’d thinkimproved hugely with the expertise and assistance of professional planning agents Mosaic Town Planning. Mosaic offer Aganto’s customers a free non-obligatory service in terms of offering advice and direction on whether they even need to obtain planning permission or not. Should it be deemed necessary, Mosaic will take away the bureaucratic headache by contacting councils and breaking down procedures, costs and timescales into easily managed bite-sized processes as a paid for service, and discounted exclusively for Aganto customers.

Since the partnership was forged, Mosaic has achieved approximately 80 permissions for Aganto customers, so on average between 9 and 10 permissions per year and in many cases having retrospective planning permission granted. Mosaic planning consultant,

Andrew Jalali, explains: “We know how discouraging the words ‘planning permission’ can sound in the process of a planning project, be it permanent or temporary. The truth is, it isn’t as tricky as you’d think and temporary buildings can be even easier than permanent buildings to gain permissionwhich we do on a regular basis for Aganto customers.

“We recommend anyone who has any queries to contact us for an initial discussion on whether permission is even needed. Our services are in such high demand from industrial applications that we are beginning to implement our new industrial and commercial website, designed to provide planning advice to ours and Aganto customers in a more convenient and immediate format.”

The website can be accessed at www.planningfortemporarybuildi includes Mosaic’s experience in dealing with planning matters for Aganto buildings, case studies, how to identify when permission is required and an online version of their planning questionnaire.

Aganto’s marketing manager Ruth Oxley adds: “Our partnership with Mosaic has been extremely successful and is also one of our USPs; none of our competitors have such a special and fruitful relationship with an exclusive planning agency. Mosaic have been working really hard on a new website tailored specifically for industrial customers like ours and who are interested in temporary, as opposed to permanent or residential, buildings.”