The importance of the oil and gas industry in the UK and the North Sea cannot be underestimated. The sector is said to be worth £35bn to the UK economy and more than three thousand companies are directly involved in the industry.

SPX Flow is one of those businesses. From its service centre in Aberdeen, it installs and provides pumps to the oil and gas rigs to assist in keeping the North Sea pipeline flowing. When it needed to expand, the SPX Flow business turned to temporary building specialists Spaciotempo.

Spaciotempo has a track record of providing structures able to withstand all weathers across a wide range of locations from airports to ports, rural areas to the coast. SPX Flow is a growing business and needed a company it could rely on to design, build and install a bespoke temporary building to house its own stock of pumps for the offshore industry and those of its clients.

Excellent service despite harsh weather

Amrik Thomas, Service Centre Manager at SPX Flow said the structure provided by Spaciotempo had advantages compared to the competition.

He said: “The erection and installation was excellent. It was everything we had asked for. Even when faced with the changeable weather here in Scotland the team carried on. One day we had snow, the next sunshine and the next gale force winds. The Spaciotempo team had to stop work on one day because it was not possible to carry on. But despite this they still finished the construction on time.”

SPX Flow has locations across the world and opened a new service centre in Aberdeen over two years ago on 20th January 2015. Following the success of SPX Flow’s Aberdeen service centre, SPX Flow considered it was important to continue to expand the service centre’s services to the oil and gas sector in the North Sea going forward.

Temporary building already shows sign of investment return

A bespoke modular building of 15m x 25m from Spaciotempo was the solution chosen to store the vital pumps for the offshore industry. These include a variety of pumps including sea water lift pump pumps and main oil line pumps for large offshore platforms which are highly engineered and bespoke created by the world class engineering teams within SPXFLOW.

Mr Thomas said: “We have a mix of fast moving equipment which needs to get out as quickly as possible to keep the rigs and pipelines working along with slow moving stock owned by clients who require it to be kept secure and available until needed for insurance against lost production.

“To complement the existing permanent SPX Flow Aberdeen service centre building, this temporary building made more commercial sense than having something else permanent. Because we could put the structure on the same site as our current building, we can maximise real estate utilisation and operate in a leaner fashion. This means we only need one forklift and one flatbed truck so it will be a good return on our investment.”

The building will be in place for a minimum of two years. Scott Jameson, Managing Director of Spaciotempo said: “We understand the importance of the oil and gas industry to the UK so were pleased to be part of helping to keep the pipeline flowing. Our construction team are used to working in all weathers so were not fazed by the challenges they faced. We were determined to fulfil our commitment to SPX Flow and the team did not let them down.”