ProSKU is a cloud-hosted, software as a service WMS for the smaller organisation. Introduced in 2016 it provides an ideal smaller warehouse solution at an affordable monthly rental with no minimum contract and a pain-free implementation. The functionality available in ProSKU will appeal to companies in all sectors, in fact any business that wants larger warehouse best practice on a smaller scale. To that end it includes functionality to meet the needs of -eretail, third party fulfilment, traditional wholesale and industrial storage operations.

Learning from its parent company pedigree ProSKU’s design used a clean sheet approach to focus on the needs of the 21st century marketplace, using the latest web technology. Special emphasis was given to all aspects of configuration and setup to simplify areas which historically made WMS installation a lengthy process. The result is a system that can be deployed in just a few days, making it easier for companies with leaner resources to introduce a solution with minimal time investment.

Similarly critical was ensuring usability for the simpler requirements. Many ProSKU features match those found in advanced WMS but it offers simplicity for basic users with the ability to adjust settings to exclude non-core options. This is an advantage for smaller warehouses as functionality can be switched on when growth demands. One facet of the smaller company marketplace is that potential WMS users may be unaware of what WMS do, and how they differ from other solutions.

In a marketplace increasingly focused on e-commerce business, connectivity using open API is a key requirement. ProSKU incorporates an extensive API library to handle integration with mainstream seller marketplaces, shopping carts and multi-channel solutions for order capture and processing. It will also integrate with delivery and carrier management solutions (DMS) and POD applications to complete the full customer satisfaction circle. And via specialist integrator tools the system can also provide integration to ERP and CRM solutions.

The ProSKU proposition is that to implement a competent WMS solution painlessly is not only possible, but it can also deliver rapid, tangible benefits. For a growing business, employing additional personnel can mean significantly raised overheads. For that reason a solution that can increase efficiency, rationalise processes and eliminate errors to save time and money makes a lot of sense. ProSKU’s expanding customer base in the e-commerce, fulfilment and wholesale sectors are already finding this out.


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