From bricks to clicks, Logistics and Supply Chain Specialists Gideon Hillman Consulting, helps your business understand the foundations of effective supply chain management, and identifies why your company is finding it increasingly harder to brush-off technology’s advances toward a more efficient Supply Chain Strategy.

With the advancement of everevolving technology, whether it be an app, or a digital smart device; over recent years, internet technology has enabled companies to develop a new intangible marketplace to facilitate electronic transactions among multiple buyers and sellers.

Embracing an omnichannel strategy, many companies have now bravely migrated from bricks and mortar, to clicks and mortar, offering click and collect, and even direct, delivery services; alongside many others which have opted to provide their consumers with a complete purchase transaction process, online. This merging of online and offline channels provides customers with an enhanced shopping experience with more choices, greater flexibility, more convenience and more services.

With an increased amount of sales now being conducted across the internet, ecommerce has significantly changed how many companies approach their sales and marketing strategies and the economy, and ultimately revolutionises the way business has traditionally been conducted. Today, manufacturers are being forced to reevaluate their chosen logistics processes to retain their competitive edge.

Add to this the ever-developing growth of information and communication technologies responsible for the rapid emergence of e-commerce; there is no doubt that the development in technology and online consumerism is drastically responsible for an overhaul of the business landscape.

Ecommerce, has effectively made it mandatory for companies to find innovative new ways to expand their markets, in a bid to attract new, and retain current customers, by tailoring products and services to their needs; whilst some even restructure their business processes to deliver products and services more efficiently and effectively to their customers.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Specialists, Gideon Hillman Consulting, know that Import, Export and Logistics are global supply chain processes which are fundamental to the planning, implementation, and control, of the efficient and effective, forward and reverse flow, and storage, of goods and services between the point of origin and the point of consumption, to ultimately meet consumer requirements.

With so many businesses around the world now facilitating electronic commerce as part of their operations, supply chain management is being utilised to add value in the form of benefits to the consumer at the end of the supply chain. With so many benefits, including cost savings, speed of sales, global reach and convenience, it is not surprising that such a vast majority of stores offer an ecommerce platform.

It seems that as fast as technology is developing, supply chain processes must also follow suit. Technological advances and consumer behaviour it seems go hand in hand, and are part and parcel for the need, for more optimised supply chains.

Gideon Hillman Consulting UK, a UK Logistics Consultancy which specialise in Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehousing, have a dedicated team of logistics consultants, of which each individually understand the importance of optimum supply chain management.

Gideon Hillman, Managing Director, Gideon Hillman Consulting, has 25 years-experience in the logistics sector, with extensive supply chain and logistics experience including grocery and non-grocery retail / wholesale, food production and processing, consumer goods, automotive, general manufacturing, utilities and construction sectors across the UK and Europe.

Expertly knowledgeable in Supply Chain Management, the Gideon Hillman Consulting team are aware that year on year, ecommerce activities continue to increase, and subsequently is it this continual shift from brick and mortar stores to click and mortar stores and more importantly to ecommerce, for which supply chain processes must begin to prepare to accommodate.

So what can Gideon Hillman Consulting do, to ensure your business’s supply chains are optimised?

At Gideon Hillman Consulting our Supply Chain Consultants will help you to develop an integrated approach to manage your supply chain effectively. Supply chain management can be implemented through electronic connections among different supply chain activities utilising information technologies and the construction of integrated supply chain information systems.

Amidst the solid succession of ecommerce and technology, new forms of commerce and retail, impose the need for larger warehouse stocks and inventories, in turn creating the need for greater control of inventory management and movement of stock. Logistics professionals are now being endlessly encouraged to implement more sustainable and forwardthinking solutions to succeed in the Logistics Industry throughout 2017 and beyond.


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