The VCP air curtain, from JS Air Curtains, creates an invisible barrier of air across an open warehouse entrance, preventing cold air from entering and maintaining internal temperatures. This not only reduces heating costs but also improves staff comfort and therefore productivity.

Powerful fans within the VCP air curtain combine with an innovative air discharge system to deliver high air volumes that effectively seal large industrial doorways. The air curtain can seal an entrance up to 9m high when mounted horizontally above it, or when stood vertically at each side, it can protect entrances up to 18m wide.

Air curtains offer a practical and economic alternative to fast-acting roller doors, as they eliminate the need for forklift drivers and staff to manually open and close doors. This makes moving from one area to another quicker, safer and more convenient. Repair costs to roller doors from forklift collisions are also eliminated. The inconvenience of PVC slat curtains, which quickly become dirty and opaque with use and frequently need cleaning, can also be avoided by installing air curtains. An effective barrier is created between two temperature zones, with total visibility and access at all times, improving safety and speed of operations.

The constant wall of air from the air curtain is also very effective at discouraging pests, such as rats and mice, which don’t like the sensation it creates on their fur. Air curtain systems also combat the ingress of flying insects, dust, smoke and fumes into a building.

Three different heating options are available, with hot water heating, electric heating or air-only models. Combining these heating options in a vertical stack, with a heated air curtain on a lower section and an air-only model on the top, allows an area to benefit from an increase in temperature while minimising the overall energy consumption.

The VCP air curtain is available with galvanised steel or white RAL9010 casing. It is available in 1.6m, 2.20m and 2.75m lengths. A manual controller with three or fivespeed fan selection, 10m of control cable and an infrared hand-held remote are included. The unit can also be connected to a BMS using protocol Modbus RTU.

A variety of different sensor and switch options can be combined with the VCP’s controllers, including door switches, so the unit only operates when the door is open, time switches, so the units activate during certain hours, and room thermostats, so a constant internal temperature can be maintained. JS Air Curtains, the UK’s leading air curtain specialist, supply an extensive range of air curtains for all commercial and industrial applications.