Hoppecke Industrial Batteries – the leading specialist in industrial battery systems and the largest battery manufacturer in European ownership – has put its senior management team through a tough new training programme dedicated to achieving excellence within the business.

The senior management team at Hoppecke
UK taking part in the ‘Hoppecke Excellence’
training programme.

Continually striving to offer customers the best possible service levels through regular staff training, Hoppecke UK introduced the ‘Hoppecke Excellence’ programme which has been undertaken by the company’s entire leadership team with the goal to achieve 100% customer value, 100% teamwork, 0% waste and 100% quality.

‘Hoppecke Excellence’ was developed at the company’s German headquarters with the aim of improving manufacturing, processes and overall business performance.

The UK became the first country outside of Germany to commence this sustained continuous improvement programme linking together Hoppecke’s Group and Hoppecke UK’s three-year strategy.

Thanks to this training, the leadership team has already reviewed key operational activities and areas where further improvements can take place across all areas of the business. From this initial point the team plans to develop improvement projects which will enhance still further the overall customer experience and company performance.