Hart Doors Systems recently exhibited at the British-Irish Airports Expo and reports considerable interest in its range of door systems which focus on three principal airport requirements – baggage handling, security/fire and storage/access.

A Hart fire shutter on a conveyor with restricted access and complex interlock.

Looking at these three specialist areas, the first, Baggage Handling is where Hart’s high-speed automatic shutters protect and complement handling and conveyor systems from smoke and fire threats in a frequent operations environment.

The second area is Security/Fire where Hart has a range of security and fire spread prevention shutters with up to one hour rating. The third area is Storage/Access, from roller shutters to Speedor high-speed doors up to 6m wide x 8m high.

Upper-most is the ability of Hart to deliver high quality solutions across a very wide range of industries not just in the UK but abroad. Airport customers, for example, come to Hart for solutions and high-quality ones at that which comply with UK, EU and international standards.

Hart can be relied on to deliver the results as one that understands how airport projects are managed. Hart has the proven track record of British engineering and service excellence on nearly 40 international airports.

Examples include King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah, where Hart Door Systems completed an order for 177 fire and security shutters for the baggage conveyor handling system. Hart was responsible for providing a two-hour fire seal on openings in the firewalls within the terminal.

A large Speedor for an airport baggage handling area.

Hart worked with Antemina International on a door project at Baghdad International Airport and Hart also supplied fire and security systems for baggage handling at Aqaba Airport for Gate Technologies, as well as 12 Speedor ‘Supers’ for Dubai International Airport. At Casablanca International Hart has just completed a fire and security shutter installation.

In the UK Hart delivered a range of products, from Speedor high-speed doors to a range of fire and security shutters on contracts at Heathrow. There are door solutions for conveyor systems, doors that provide security, frequent action, high speed options and that prevent smoke and fire spreading all helping airports with their green foot-print by saving energy.

Where appropriate all Hart products are manufactured to international standards such as the ISO 9001/2015 Quality Assurance scheme and LPS 1056 and LPS 1271, Loss Prevention Council Standards for Fire Doors tested to BS 476 – part 22, UL10b NFPA80.