AndonSpeed is a new innovative plug and play andon light set manufactured by WERMA to provide prompt warning of disruption and breakdowns in logistics operations.

Call for action/assistance direct from the work-station

The member of staff to simply press a button on his packing station and activate a signal light which gives a clear indication of the type of assistance required.

It might be a request for new material to be delivered, assistance required or that work is running out.

Improve processes through the reports and analyses generated

Andonspeed collects and stores all status light changes and can generate reports and analyses. The software package supplied with the system provides accurate and impartial process data and improves transparency of the operation.

The data is presented in clear and easy to follow visual displays, allowing you to look at the different performance characteristics of the operation and more easily identify possible deficits.

A major UK online retailer has built two new pick and lace fulfilment centres at Manchester Airport City and Leicester Coalville. With a combined floor space of more than 1.6m sq. ft. these two new operations will be fitted with WERMA’s andon light system on each packing station to speed up the logistics process.

Each packing station will be fitted with a three colour andon light activated by a conveniently located switch box. The andon lights are fitted to 1 m aluminium poles and stand high above the packing lines giving a clear signal to shop floor supervision that a potential problem is occurring which need resolution quickly. The lights are operated by the packer directly, green signifies that the packing station is operational; the amber light is switched on when it is judged that there is a certain time left before running out of packing material.

This gives supervision adequate time to replenish. The red light is activated by the operator if there is a breakdown at the packing station. The system is delivered ready to be fitted directly to the line and includes a plug in power supply.

WERMA has already fitted this system to more than 14 other major fulfilment centres in the UK and many others in mainland Europe and is the chosen andon light system for a growing number of other UK based online retailers including Tesco, Morrison’s and Marks and Spencer.

Why not get in touch with WERMA and find out how AndonSpeed could speed up your logistics operation?


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