Throughout the UK, Giraffes, Dolphins, Penguins, Bears, Birds, and Cheetahs to name but a few are creating a real stir on the roads and motorways of the UK, particularly in jams – after all, how often have you been stuck behind a Giraffe on the M6, or a Dolphin on the A5?

From the top of Scotland to the depths of Cornwall, UPN members are fully exploiting the powerful potential of the attention demanding new UPN member livery initiative. The high impact UPN animal livery is expanding throughout the UK in 2017 at a tremendous pace. The powerful new livery programme has been driven hard by UPN members wise to the impact of the UPN animal imagery to boost awareness and interest in their own businesses.

“It really is proving to be a fantastic example of everything that is the best about UPN, initiative, collaboration, and positive energy”, said UPN MD Dave Brown, “and indeed with great ideas like this one we can only grow Stronger Together!”

It began with a fantastic idea from UPN member Ningbo Distribution. Chris Stockton – Ningbo owner and founder – wanted a great way to make his Pallet Delivery service stand out in his area, a way to make his business memorable and successful locally. Chris certainly achieved it with his superb groundbreaking Giraffe rear door livery.

Launched at the end of last year the new animal livery idea generated outstanding impact and a major talking point both internally and externally and indeed out on the road!

So much so in fact that UPN centrally embraced the idea and took it out to the full UPN membership with unexpectedly big results. “What an example of Team UPN in action”, said Dave Brown, “a brilliant creative idea to link our local and national businesses in a way that boosts impact and awareness for us all, and one that really does look absolutely astounding on the road.”