The pallet and packaging sector has seen very little change over the years, so it is a breath of fresh air when something truly “different” is introduced to the market. The Pallite® brand does not disappoint. Using 80% recycled paper and some child friendly glue, does not at face value install the potential user with the confidence that they will have a product that is fit for purpose, but Pallite® is not just fit for purpose, it is manufactured in such a way that it can be “bespoke” to customer needs. This flexibility in production can deliver so many marginal gains to the logistics sector on land, sea or by air. The ability to double stack boxes, make pallets to optimise space and take vast amount of weight out of any load means that Pallite® can revolutionise the way we move things from A to B.

But what makes Pallite® innovators?

The business is not stopping with pallets that weigh 6KG but can hold a tonne, nor boxes that can be collapsed for transportation, but then assembled in under ten seconds to allow double stacking of loads of 600KG. We have introduced an insulated version that is now transporting cheese from the UK to the Emirates and are currently working on airfreight friendly solutions that can optimise the use of space in air and sea containers.

There are many other projects on the go that will take weight out of a load. Using a Pallite® instead of a standard wooden pallet can save a tonne of weight for each truck on the road. Just think of the fuel and CO2 savings to be had, let alone the opportunity to add additional product to an otherwise maxed out vehicle. Saving 20KG on each pallet by airfreight can have immediate cash savings and the CO2 save from just 100 Pallites® being to The Emirates is equivalent to running 3 family cars for a year!

The business is not going to stop with pallets and boxes. It is already supplying The Government with boxes and has developed fold out paper futons to assist distress situations where beds are in limited supply. The vision is for a full range of Pallite® furniture by 2019.

The company took on six new staff during 2016 and are currently recruiting for seven more posts across sales and manufacturing. Having doubled in size over the past six months, the company anticipates that it will take on around 25 new staff before the end of 2017.

The Alternative Pallet Company Ltd has gained over 100 new customers across food, automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical and general logistics during the past 12 months and expect this trend to continue despite a culture where change is difficult to implement.

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