Michelmersh Brick Holdings is the UK’s largest producer of hand made and machine bricks, and is a leader in clay tiles, custom shaped bricks, Terra Cotta and specialist products.

At Michelmersh Brick’s Charnwood facility in Leicestershire, the bricks are made individually by hand and are produced to order, often to exacting specifications of architects for prestigious projects such as the refurbishment of St Pancras Station and the building of the British Library.

These are premium products that must be handled gently, and so, require a forklift truck fleet capable of handling heavy loads delicately in a punishing environment.

“Being a manufacturing business our main priority is to ensure production runs smoothly,” says Lee Allen, Works Manager at Charnwood.

“That means we need reliable trucks that can do the job of loading and unloading kilns, moving stacks and loading lorries quickly and efficiently – with care not to damage the products.”

Lee had experienced problems with drum brakes on trucks succumbing to dust. So, when his forklift fleet contract came up for renewal he decided to trial alternative makes.

After extensive trials the decision was taken to go for the ‘feature rich’ standard model from Doosan, supplied through local dealer, Rushlift.

“The guys loved them, and they were the lowest cost too,” says Lee. “For me, a critical point was the Doosan diesel counterbalance trucks have completely sealed oil-cooled disc brakes, which prevents dust problems. Also, they all have hydraulic accumulators to reduce bumps and improve stability, making them perfect for the job.”

The Charnwood site took delivery of six new counterbalance models from Doosan – four 2.5 tonne capacity D25 S/5 diesel trucks, one 3 tonne D30 S/5 and a B15T three-wheel electric.

All supplied through Rushlift under a full-service leasing agreement.

“The trucks are serviced regularly by Rushlift,” says Lee. “If you have a problem, they have a fantastic system where you go on-line, register a problem and a message goes to the nearest engineer. They’re on site quickly – it works brilliantly.”