There’s no getting away from the fact that if you want more customers, you have to attract their attention. But, in the fast pace of today’s ultra-competitive and technological world, that’s easier said than done.

Professional photography taken at ASOS for BS Handling Systems.

There’s plenty of proof, however, that for companies both large and small, visibility in the media is still one of the fastest, most cost effective paths to get what you want. Be that building brand awareness, attracting new customers, breaking into a new market or enticing investors.

The internet, email marketing and social media have dramatically changed the communications landscape for good. Gone are the days when you could just ‘push’ out your news releases, spend on an advertising campaign, sit back and expect to get results.

Nowadays you need to work on connecting with customers Think about how you like to buy. You don’t want the hard sell, you want to be engaged, informed and helped. You want to receive useful information when it suits you, wherever you are and on whichever platform you choose – customers are no different.

Increasingly, your potential customers are accessing new information digitally via the internet on mobile devices, as well as through the more conventional printed media.

Create an impact by blurring the lines

Consequently your PR campaign needs to do much more than just push out information and hope for the best. You have to craft campaigns that blur the lines between conventional, digital and social PR.

The key is to mix digital and print strategies to create an impact with your customers that extends across an array of channels both online and off. Every campaign needs to be bespoke, but will typically include:

• Interesting and informative media releases
• Powerful case studies with strong imagery
• Intelligent website content and blogging
• Engaging social media
• Relationship building journalist liaison
• Short eye-catching videos
• Hard-hitting email campaigns
• Coverage across all media channels

BS Handling Systems are reaping the rewards

At Leapfrog Marketing, we specialise in creating game-changing B2B campaigns for our clients in the logistics, materials handling and distribution markets. Our strategic approach is proven to pay off time after time. Take for example a campaign we have put together for one of our clients, BS Handling Systems.

BS Handling has been very successful in the ‘fast fashion’ market, solving customers’ sortation and materials handling challenges with a variety of innovative solutions. Its achievements can be measured by contract wins with leading companies including ASOS, Clipper Logistics and Boohoo.

Leapfrog’s brief was to use breaking news to engage with BS Handling’s influencers by writing compelling copy combined with powerful still and moving images. This informative content was destined to be broadcast across a mix of online and print channels. Robert Smith, BS Handling Systems’ managing director was sceptical at first, but has become one of our greatest advocates. “To be honest,” explains Smith, “PR had always seemed a bit flaky to me, but I have to say, the guys at Leapfrog have totally changed my mind.

“Not only have they consistently produced hard-hitting case studies and videos for us that powerfully illustrate our projects, but they have also developed a new corporate identity which has been rolled out across all our marketing collateral. This professional, clean image underlines our credibility and helps give clients the confidence that we are a trusted outfit that delivers. “It’s amazing, the results continue to build. We are now attracting relevant customers, not only from home turf, but also from as far afield as the USA and the Middle East.”

Take advantage of a free assessment

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Be prepared to answer difficult questions and re-imagine what you’re already thinking. Take the first step to making your PR and marketing relevant for the everchanging communications landscape by discovering how to convey the most relevant messages, to the most relevant audience, in the most relevant way.

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