BID Group Ltd, a leading service provider, manufacturer and supplier of industrial doors, with over 30 years of refined technical experience were recently called to a large chilled food distribution depot to solve two significant loading bay issues

The issues BID Group engineers faced focussed around water ingress (especially on vehicles with a tail lift or dynamic fins) and temperature control in relation to the chillers.

The problems can be clearly seen in the pictures below where a vehicle is shown parked in the existing bay before any modifications were carried out.

As can be seen the dynamic fins actually channel water off the back of the vehicle and cause uncomfortable and possibly hazardous working conditions. The next picture shows there is basically no temperature control/retention due to the gaps around the vehicle.

BID engineers formulated a solution and installed new bays which feature canopies that extend beyond the dynamic fins. In addition to the standard side cushions a top airbag has been incorporated to create a good seal against water ingression and temperature loss.

This BID solution successfully resolved both economic and potential health and safety issues for the chilled foods distribution depot.

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