Logistics is a key component of warehouse organization. From order processing to storage and from delivery routes to truck loads, even small improvements in efficiency can have a big effect on productivity.

Improving warehouse efficiency starts the moment goods arrive at the bay doors and doesn’t end until the delivery truck returns. Here’s an overview of what influences productivity, and what you can do to improve it.

Warehouses are designed for storage, but it takes more than a map. Organizing goods in locations that make it easy to access items typically ordered together, can reduce picking time significantly. Also fast selling items should be located in an area where they are easily accessible, yet won’t block the flow.

Review your product storage layout to find bottlenecks. If you need more room, consider expanding storage space vertically where feasible.

Order Processing
Set up your warehouse so order processing is as streamlined as possible. Storage organization plays a big part, but so do other things like aisle width and inventory management. Explore custom kitting options for products typically ordered together.

Labor is a huge part of order processing efficiency, so explore methods of encouraging both timeliness and accuracy for employees. Good morale pays big dividends, so engage with your employees and ask for their input.

Truck Packing
Packing trucks efficiently makes it easier for delivery drivers to get the right orders to the right place. That typically includes balancing truck loads to make deliveries as efficiently as possible.

Remember, drivers typically spend more time packing and unpacking loads than they do behind the wheel, so improving this process can have a big effect. When you maximize truck capacity while improving trip logistics, you can save on everything from reduced wear and tear on vehicles, fuel costs, labor hours, employee injuries, and more.

Delivery Routes
Route planning is the best way to make sure your trucks are making the most of the time and mileage to get goods where they need to go. The major benefits of improving delivery routes through technology like online route planning include saving fuel, time and money by using a fast and efficient route plan.

That’s fewer roads and bridges traveled, less money spent on fuel, and less air pollution. Other benefits include a lower probability of accidents and a reduced insurance bill.

Improved warehouse management will increase your productivity and keep you organized and efficient, giving your business a competitive edge.