Swisslog’s Condition Monitoring has been awarded ‘Best Product’ in the Software, Communication and IT category. Swisslog’s solution concept impressed the high-caliber jury of scientists and trade journalists thanks to its substantial contribution towards streamlining processes, saving costs and increasing productivity in inhouse logistics.

Awarded on the opening day of the recent LogiMAT intralogistics trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, Condition Monitoring is an easy-to-use plug-in within Swisslog’s intelligent SynQ software and part of its proven Cockpit Manager.

“We are very excited about this award and proud to receive it at LogiMAT,” says Dr. Christian Baur, COO of the Swisslog Group and CEO of the Warehouse & Distribution Solutions Division. “This award recognizes innovation and quality and has special significance since we consider software to be a strategic cornerstone of our business and we are working hard to differentiate ourselves in this field. Condition Monitoring is much more than just an essential tool to precisely and accurately identify critical warehouse elements and prevent unexpected system failures caused by wear and tear. We see advanced data analytics as an important catalyst that allows intralogistics to move towards a highly service-driven industry based on performance-oriented pay-per-use business models.”

Swisslog’s Condition Monitoring solution is based on the ongoing capture of machine conditions by measuring and analyzing physical values such as fluctuations, temperatures, position and proximity of individual elements and systems. The collected data can be used to identify malfunction-prone critical elements and to draw conclusions about the error rate of individual disciplines and even entire logistics systems. In contrast to traditional preventive maintenance where intact components are routinely replaced with new ones, Condition Monitoring allows maintenance and spare parts provisioning to take place precisely when a critical warehouse element reaches the actual end of its service life.

More than 1,300 exhibitors from the logistics industry were invited to submit new products and solution concepts for the “Best Product” award, which is given out in three categories. Each year, the winners are chosen by an independent jury of representatives from economics, science and the media who evaluate the submissions prior to the trade show based on predefined criteria. The award is one of the most coveted in the intralogistics industry.