At Open 32 – Distribution Centre, the daily workloads are very comprehensive, from the handling of small-scale stored goods to all commissioning work.

Commissioning works includes visually demanding tasks, for example, labelling on storage goods and completing order forms. High quality lighting is very important in order to ensure smooth and faultless work.

Aldo in the storage area, many tasks are performed on multiple levels, hence the lighting needs to provide excellent light distribution so that the light from the top to the bottom of the shelf is distributed evenly and is bright enough to create a high quality working environment.

The versatile LED light line system, Baldur by Nordeon, was chosen for this specific project at Open 32 – Distribution centre in Arnheim. Baldur line light system allows easy adjustment of individual lighting solutions like no other system. A suitable light distribution is available for almost every use, for example, from narrow to medium, wide-beam, ultra-wide beam light distribution, and also from doubleasymmetrical and asymmetrical through to opal direct and opal indirect light distribution. Baldur offers unlimited leeway for implementation.

Baldur is also easy to install with the use of the developed “Click-Fast System“, the light unit can be clicked into the trunking without using any tools and can easily be adapted to constructional changes. The intelligent mounting system results in significant time and cost savings.

In addition, Baldur is also optically appealing. The universal light line system combines a clear and aesthetic design that was recently honoured in one of the most prestigious international design competitions – the “red dot design award”. The system’s special feature is the fact that the LED drivers are hidden in the trunking, thus not interfering with the elegant appearance.



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