Most business owners who work in or own a warehouse will get to a point where they are running out of space. Some business owners will already be at that point and it can be a worrying time, especially if the orders are still flowing in and it’s starting to impact your ability to satisfy your customers orders. 

There are multiple potential solutions to avoid this problem completely, from better space management to moving premises, however we’re going to focus here on mezzanine floors and how this can be a cost effective solution to your space management problem.

A Full Turn-Key Solution 

There was a time when mezzanine floors were used primarily for storage purposes and whilst that is still a very common use for them, utilising them for office facilities has become very popular. 

There aren’t many companies that can provide a full turn-key solution when it comes to office mezzanine floors. A turn-key solution encapsulates everything involved in your project, from start to finish. For example, most companies that you may approach when looking for a mezzanine floor to be installed will actually use an architect or different contractors to design and implement the office facilities on top of the mezzanine.

They will usually manufacture and install the mezzanine, but outsource the office facilities. Ideally you want to find a mezzanine floor fit out contractor that not only manufactures and installs the mezzanine floor itself, but also designs and creates the office space on top too. 

This ensures there are no crossed wires and you work closely with a fit out contractor that understands your requirements fully and intimately. This in turn sets you at ease and increases your trust in them to do a good job.

This information is something you can discover early on by searching on their website or by simply asking them. They should be upfront and honest with you from the outset anyway. 

Creating An Office Out Of Nowhere 

In the past, whenever a warehouse owner required additional office space, their first thought would be to look into a breeze block solution. That train of thought is changing and a larger percentage of business owners with warehouse premises now look towards implementing an office mezzanine floor. 

When compared to a breeze block option, mezzanine floors are considerably more cost effective and also have the additional bonus of potentially being able to take them with you when you move premises.

This is strictly on a case by case basis though, as mezzanine floors are a bespoke solution that is designed with your current premises in mind. This layout may not fit in your next premises or even meet your needs if your company moves due to company expansion. 

There is also the option to potentially recuperate some of the money you paid out initially by selling your mezzanine to second hand merchants when you move premises. However I’d advise against purchasing a second hand mezzanine for a couple of reasons; (i) You won’t receive a full warranty or one at all and (ii) as previously stated, mezzanines are a bespoke solution, so ideally you want a solution designed just for you and your business. 

Another benefit of mezzanine floors over a breeze block solution, is how much quicker they are to install. A mezzanine floor fit out contractor should be able to create 100 square metres per day, vastly quicker than a breeze block option. 

Once you have chosen a mezzanine fit out contractor that suits your needs and ideally provides a full turn-key solution, there are so many possibilities with an office mezzanine floor. You are of course limited by the footprint of your building and your ceiling height, but within that space, you can essentially create whatever you need.

Whether you require just simple office space or also WC, kitchen, break out or boardroom facilities, a mezzanine floor can accommodate all these requirements and more. Once your project is complete, you won’t even be able to tell that it’s all built on a mezzanine floor skeleton.

A good design and installation team will be able to hide your columns within the design of your space underneath if possible, no matter if you plan to have office, production or storage space there.

More Space For Products 

As previously stated, using mezzanine floors for additional storage space is a very popular and effective solution. They allow you to utilise the empty space above you in your warehouse, without losing the valuable space you already have on the ground floor. Essentially you have the opportunity to double your existing space. 

Once again, a storage mezzanine floor is a bespoke solution, built to your requirements. There are a couple of ancillaries available, so you can mould the solution to your business’ work practices.

For example, a pallet gate will be ideal for businesses that use a fork lift truck within their warehouse often. Whilst a lift can potentially be installed for use, if it’s more suited to your requirements.

A storage mezzanine floor can take up to 500kg per square metre, however if you require your mezzanine to hold heavier products or maybe heavy machinery in the case of a production mezzanine, the floor can be designed to take up to a ton per square metre. However this usually requires alterations to be made to the concrete floor within your warehouse. 

Building Regulations 

As with any building work, you must ensure that your mezzanine floor project meets Building Regulations 2010 approval. Any mezzanine floor contractor worth their salt will ensure that their design meets Building Regulations. However, I urge you to ensure that whoever you chose to implement your mezzanine floor project, makes sure your project does meet the required regulations. 

It is also in their interest to meet regulations, as they may be prosecuted by your local authority and incur a fine, if the work carried out by them doesn’t meet the regulations. Alternatively, or in addition, your local authority may even serve an enforcement notice on the building owner. If the owner doesn’t comply with the notice, the local authority has the power to undertake the work itself and recover the costs of doing so from the owner. 

It’s very unusual for a mezzanine floor to need planning permission, however it’s vital that they meet the relevant Building Regulations, in particular BS5950 part 1 and BS6399 part 5 which covers important safety features such as fire escapes, protection and smoke detectors. 

You want to work with a mezzanine floor fit out contractor that works closely with an approved building inspector. This ensures that a third party can approve your mezzanine floor and make sure it meets Building Regulations. 

Mezzanine floors have in the past few years quickly grown to be the number one solution for business owners with warehouses who require more storage, production or office space. So if you are one of those businesses whose space is running out, you really should look into a mezzanine floor solution. 

They are quick to install and very cost effective, especially when compared to a breeze block solution. Just make sure you look to find a mezzanine floor fit out contractor that provides you with a full turn-key solution, which will allow you to concentrate on what’s important – running your business.

Zak Lewis is Head of Marketing for Nexus Workspace. Nexus Workspace work with companies that are looking to expand, refurbish or relocate throughout the North of England, providing professional design and build, mezzanine floor and office fit out solutions. We’re proud to boast a 100% client satisfaction record. Find out more at