The Push Pull from the UK’s leading supplier of forklift truck attachments, B&B Attachments, is a cost effective solution to ensure optimum performance and maximum productivity when handling materials on slip sheets.

The B&B Fork Mounted Push Pull was developed to help unload containerised products not on pallets. Traditionally, containers that do not use palletised loads can take hours or days to unload. Now, with the use of slip sheets under the product, the push pull attachment can unload a container in a fraction of the time, using minimum numbers of staff with only one truck, saving time and money.

This unique Fork Mounted attachment is easily connected to a conventional fork lift truck for efficient, pallet-less handling. It can then be swiftly disconnected to allow the forklift to return to handling pallets, ensuring highest truck utilisation possible. Capacities are available in 1600kg and 2000kg and are designed with options of load push, push pull and push pull with sheet retention. Side shift is optional on dedicated models.

The slip-on model is designed for applications requiring the intermittent use of a slip-sheet. This attachment can be fitted to the forklifts original forks within minutes, without the use of specialised tools or hydraulic equipment. It can also be fitted to the truck with a load backrest in place. It provides the perfect solution for when a standard lift truck needs to be converted to a slip sheet forklift.

The distinctive advantage of the push pull attachment is that standard wooden or plastic pallets are substituted by an inexpensive slip sheet, which increases container shipping volume, decreases shipping costs and also decreases the risk of damaged stock.

Slip sheets are inexpensive and can be reused, making pallet exchange unnecessary. The Push Pull is designed for maximum visibility for the operator and has the added feature of quick disconnect lower hooks on dedicated models which automatically adjust for initial fit and wear.