Pleased with Dextra Group’s highquality and reliable T5 products and fast efficient service back in 2009, Draper Tools contacted Dextra Lighting once again to provide the next generation LED lighting for their warehouse and packing facilities at different locations in Hampshire.

Draper’s recently expanded industrial facilities required a cutting-edge solution that used the previously successful T5 installation as a model, offering a similar performance, or improved where possible, but with enhanced reductions of energy consumption.

For the warehouse extension, the design was simple: provide an LED version of the Verteco T5 high-level luminaire which had so far served the company well. LED technology has allowed the market-leading Verteco range to offer staggering improvements in energy-efficiency and reduced maintenance, whilst retaining its versatile functionality and outstanding performance.

Combining the latest Lumileds LEDs, now LM80-verified to offer 90% LED lumen maintenance for 60,000 operating hours, with advanced optic technology, the luminaire performs at up to 121 Llm/w depending on lumen output, whilst consuming around 50% less than fluorescent equivalents.

Available in a higher band of lumen outputs and a selection of customisable optics, 115 luminaires were specified in both 26,400 and 34,500lm lumen packages for different areas of the warehouse. For the racking aisles, a 26,400lm surface mounted version was installed with an ultra-high rack optic at efficient spacings of 13m mounted at 11m.

The higher 34,500m option, on the other hand, was suspended from the ceiling in the more open areas of the warehouse, complete with its efficient opal diffuser for a wide distribution and excellent coverage, allowing Draper to save more money by using fewer luminaires.