Warehouse flooring probably takes more day to day wear and tear than any other industrial surface so the experts at Resin Surfaces Ltd (RSL) have formulated products to suit various scenarios and accommodate even the most demanding of environments.

The UK’s leading resin wall and flooring manufacturer specialises in putting flooring first with a range of hardwearing solutions that can also enhance slip resistant properties and, above all, provide a system that stands the test of time.

With 30 years’ experience under their belts RSL can advise on the most demanding warehouse environments. They provide flooring of the highest standard to withstand mega duty use like supporting racking solutions where heavy items are stored, the movement of serious machinery across a floor, including forklifts and conveyor belt systems.

Warehouse flooring can be subject to strict health and safety requirements so systems which provide safety underfoot are all taken into consideration in an RSL solution.

The team at RSL will take your specific brief and advise you on the best product for your needs.

They have a comprehensive range of seamless resin floor and wall coatings suitable for the most demanding areas. With the need to be long-lasting one of the top priorities for warehouse customers RSL’s products have outstanding, built-in durability.

With decades of experience to draw on RSL products can be easy to install and maintain, are impact resistant, have chemical protection, are anti-slip, antistatic and represent great value for money.

The company’ often recommends Resucoat™ HB – a high build, durable floor coating – which is quick and easy to apply and helps keep installation times to a minimum.

RSL has also developed Resuscreed 45, an extremely hard wearing warehouse flooring screed system. This product is super impact resistant with high compressive strengths, twice as many as concrete, making it ideal for the most demanding of flooring environments.

Ivy Wroe, RSL’s Sales Director, said both products were very popular for warehouse flooring, industrial areas in general and plant rooms.

“They are economical to install with a long-life expectancy, and provide tough, resilient surfaces for the heaviest of production set up. The seamless finish also means that trip hazards are kept to a minimum. In busy warehouse environments this can dramatically reduce the risk of injury which is very important.”


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