Steel has traditionally been the strapping of choice for heavier-duty applications such as shipping cases, timber and construction materials, but actually woven polyester strapping has so many advantages over steel that it’s not surprising that users are switching to this alternative.

Woven is safer. Under tension, steel strapping can cause injury when cut or if it bursts and remains an injury hazard during disposal. Woven presents no sharp edges and compresses easily for disposal.

  • Woven is lighter, so transport costs are cut and manual handling of coils is easier. It is also about 30% cheaper than steel, yet performs equally well at the same strap width.
  • Woven only needs a simple, lightweight tensioner to secure the strap and cuts easily and safely.
  • Woven is corrosion proof and rot resistant, so is better for outside storage and won’t discolour goods.
  • Woven is flexible, expanding under stress but with excellent recovery to maintain a firm grip. It is less likely to damage goods by chafing in transit or through excessive tensioning.

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