Businesses and consumers can now be notified when their palletised freight will arrive because of game changing new technology unveiled by Europe’s number one and fastest growing palletised freight network, Palletways.

Once the preserve of the best parcel operators, accurate delivery times for palletised freight network customers and consumers have proven elusive for the industry. But now, the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) system, created by Palletways experienced IT and Operations Teams, creates a pallet industry standard for delivery information which includes:

  • An industry-first two-hour time notification delivery window for customers and consumers;
  • SMS and email functions will enable notifications, such as delivery time and consignment content information;
  • A function that enables the sending customer to monitor the progress of the consignment via ‘track and trace’;
  • An ETA App for Palletways members to access information quickly and on the move.

Dave Walmsley, UK Managing Director, said: “Our members and customers have told us that this innovation will deliver even greater customer service excellence and that delivery time certainty will support business growth.

“Our game changing ETA system sets a new standard for the industry. Consistent with Palletways’ reputation as an industry leader in technology, our Team has worked around the clock for twelve months to overcome the challenges of developing time notifications for palletised freight.

“There are benefits for everyone at each step of the pallet delivery process. For our network members, the ETA system makes the process more efficient because customers no longer need to phone or email their depots with queries about delivery times and dates. For customers, the capability to track goods and notify their consumers about time slots and consignment contents significantly improves their customer service. For consumers, it brings certainty, helping them to plan their day around the time slots available and enjoy a more flexible service.

“We expect to be able to attract new members and customers to work with the Palletways network because of our ETA system – especially when combined with our renowned digital information hub and archway scanning technology.”

All drivers in the Palletways UK network of over 100 depots are trained to use the ETA App that will enable them to alter routes and delivery times according to traffic conditions and unforeseen circumstances, such as road traffic accidents. This technology offers an added level of certainty to the two-hour delivery windows.

Rachael Forshaw, Commercial Director at Sovereign Transport, who is a Palletways member, welcomed the new technology: “The number one on our customers’ wish list is to receive two-hour delivery window notifications via mobile phone and email. No other palletised freight network or operator has such a system in the UK.

“Working with Palletways, we’re part of the first pallet network to offer a comprehensive ETA system. In turn, this provides our customers an advantage over their competitors and a greater ability to manage their logistics and control costs. It’s a win-win on all sides.”

The ETA system also enables members to capitalise on market sectors where timed delivery is critical to the supply chain, for example the pharmaceutical industry.

ETA in action – how does the system work?

Step One: The Palletways customer books a consignment;

Step Two: Consignment is collected and transported via a Palletways Hub to the delivery depot. At each stage of the process, delivery notifications are available;

Step three: Upon leaving the delivery depot the notification is sent to the consumer via SMS/ email advising the two-hour delivery window.

About Palletways

Key stats:

  • Palletways was founded in the UK in 1994
  • In total Palletways handles up to 40,000 pallets daily, including more than 23,000 pallets a day in the UK, 10,000 in Italy and 3,000 in Iberia.
  • One in every four pallets handled by palletised freight networks in the UK is distributed by Palletways
  • During a typical operating day Palletways handles more than one pallet every second. 

The Palletways Group:

  • Palletways provides an express delivery solution for consignments of palletised freight, and is the leading dedicated pallet network in Europe. The Palletways network operates more depots and handles greater volumes of pallets than any other similar network.
  • Over the past 23 years Palletways has developed a strategic network of more than 400 depots and 17 hubs. It now provides collection and distribution services across 20 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Spain, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.
  • In the UK Palletways has a national hub in Lichfield, Staffordshire, and regional hubs in London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Bristol. It offers a range of express distribution services for consignments of palletised freight across the UK. These include next day, next day AM, timed delivery options, and Economy 2/3 day.
  • The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark are served via a hub operation in Nijmegen.
  • In Germany the Palletways hub operation is in Knullwald (near Kassel).
  • In Italy the national hub is in Bologna with regional hubs in Naples and Milan.
  • The Iberian national hub, serving Spain and Portugal, is in Madrid with regional hubs in Zaragoza and Jaen.
  • Collection and distribution services in France are provided via a subcontracted operation, with three hubs in Paris, Lyon and Montpellier.
  • Palletways Europe GmbH, based in Switzerland, was set up in 2006 to develop pan-European collection and distribution services.
  • Palletways Poland is served by a national hub in Lodz
  • Supporting all the networks is Palletways award winning technology including its unique archway scanning system which captures a photographic image of every pallet which passes through its hubs combined with automated scanning to provide seamless track and trace. Palletways’ Digital Information Hub, a custom developed communications platform provides real time data linking all operations across Europe monitoring all consignments providing total visibility and security of every pallet throughout the whole distribution process to all European destinations.
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