Manufacturing, warehousing and industrial production companies are looking more than ever at the opportunity to invest in systems and automation as a means of improving the efficiency of their operations. For any company enjoying true growth there is an ever increasing demand for greater volume throughput and so more automated packaging systems, utilised as part of the packing process, are proving cost savings and waste reduction.

Whether the packing process has low or high volume throughput, it’s vital that it’s set up to meet the speed and overall quantities of a customer’s specific output requirements. Fast growing Ecommerce companies in particular have led the way in finding new ways to automate their fulfilment operations.

Packaging can no longer be seen as just an expense, it needs to be seen as an opportunity to innovate and deliver a more positive purchasing experience to consumers.

Innovations in the packing process are gathering pace and as we see increased demand created by the surge in e-commerce it is becoming more critical that space and volume throughout are maximised.

Packaging systems can enable a more efficient use of space allowing for improvements in the layout of packaging and despatch areas. Additionally, systems not only increase the volumes of products that can be packed but are often adaptable for a variety of products, negating the need for increasing the range of machines.

Kite Packaging are experts in this area and pride themselves on being a truly dynamic company who continually invest in research and development. For their customers they constantly look to innovate around improved pack performance, improved operating time or seeking to limit the environmental impact of packaging materials.

Kite’s extensive range of pallet wrapping machines are ideal for a variety users. This could be customers looking to move from hand pallet wrapping, right up to large operations already wrapping high volumes of pallets.

For lower volume users the Ecoplat range is the entry level machine. The machine has easy-touse controls, which are ideal for operations introducing this type of technology for the first time. The Ecoplat uses Kite’s standard machine stretch wrap (150-200%). The Rotoplat range has three state of the art models, for customers needing an advanced pallet wrapping system. Featuring the best in pallet wrap technology, these models can be adjusted in a variety of ways to accommodate even the most awkward of pallets. The Rotoplat 508 uses Kite’s ‘super’ machine stretch wrap (200-250% yield) and the Rotoplat 708 uses Kite’s ‘ultra’ machine stretch wrap (up to 300% yield).

When utilised with Kites new generation of high performance stretch films, the range is designed to achieve optimum performance from film in a cost effective way. These machines support operations in getting both medium and large volumes of pallets out of to customers, with the confidence that they are secure, stable and in a way that is highly cost effective. For any business wanting to create time saving efficiencies in busy packing areas Kite’s carton sealing machine is proving to be an increasingly popular solution.

Sealing up to 30 cases per minute, this machine uses industry standard machine tape also available from Kite Packaging. With adjustable top guides and adjustable tape tensioning, the user can quickly and efficiently seal a wide range of carton sizes with guaranteed consistency.

Kite also stock two variants of strapping machines: one semiautomatic and the other fully automatic. Fast and reliable, Kite’s semi-automatic machine is ideal for small and medium sized items and requires the user to manually feed strapping into it. This semiautomatic strapping machine then tensions and seals the polypropylene strapping around goods and is a cost effective, time saving device.

Kite’s fully automatic strapping machine option is an invaluable time saving addition to any high volume packing and strapping station and is suitable for larger and wider packages and does not require manual strap feeding. Speed, labour costs and secure packing are a key consideration in businesses and Kite’s machines are supplied at incredibly affordable prices.


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