Union Industries, the Great British manufacturer, has been working overtime to complete a series of installations for the German discounter, Lidl UK, which will help transform operations at one of the grocer’s largest multitemperature warehouses.

Stacy Copley, Head of Logistics for Lidl UK in Northfleet and Henry Patterson,
Technical Sales Engineer for the South at Union Industries.

Lidl, a long-standing client of Union Industries, has invested in four new high speed doors for its Kent-based site that will facilitate significant efficiency gains.

Three Ramdoors and one Bulldoor have been used to replace four existing doors at the warehouse which were supplied by one of Union’s competitors when the distribution centre was built in 2014. The original doors frequently required costly new parts, mainly as a result of impact damage by forklift & ride-on ped trucks. The new Union rapid roll doors will drastically reduce the downtime that Lidl experienced with the previous doors, which was caused by excessive lead times for parts and repair.

Union Industries’ doors have an excellent reputation in retail distribution for very high traffic use openings between various temperature controlled zones. The robust construction of the doors, coupled with Union’s ability to deliver exceptional aftersales service has been key to its success in securing contracts with multinational companies such as Lidl.

Alternative suppliers in the industry tend to be agents and distributors rather than OEM manufacturers so cannot match the speed at which Union can react to customers’ requirements.

A team of Union’s highly trained technicians carried out the installations in a way that caused as little disruption as possible to Lidl’s operation, which involved working throughout the weekends and on evenings, when traffic in the warehouse was at its lowest.

In common with the other doors in the range, the Bulldoor and Ramdoor also features Union’s highlyregarded ‘Crash-Out’ damage protection facility which ensures the doors remain operable if the heavy duty steel composite bottom beam is hit by a vehicle.

Both door models are also covered by Union’s Lifetime Warranty Scheme, which was introduced several years ago.